Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Choosing a mobile framework: Make a list over frameworks you do want to look into

This is a follow-up for Choosing mobile dev platform/framework and looks closer at the seventh step -  Make a list over frameworks you do want to look into ?

It is important to list any framework you think it's worth considering, and probably a few that you don't think is worth considering, as it's quite critical to select the right framework in order to save development time after you have learned a framework.

This is not the step where you start looking at every detail about the framework, only find them, briefly read about them, and decide yes/no on the question: Can I consider this framework?

The frameworks I consider for this project are:
You shouldn't even consider pricing of the frameworks at this point, although that might be a major factor to considering a framework.

You might want to consider the platforms you are choosing when looking at various frameworks. For instance, I prefer if a frameworks supports all the platforms I want to target, but for now, I will consider platforms that support at least iOS and Android.

Why don't I include AppInventor, DragonRad, DroidDraw and other click-and-create frameworks? Well... Quite simple: Try to do graphics/drawing/physics in any of them. If you just need forms/push buttons and sending/getting data to/from a website, sure, use any of them, but as soon as you move out of what a click-and-create framework can provide, you should consider a real framework where you can do some actual coding.

If you are going to be a mobile developer, be sure to choose a framework that doesn't limit you from your creative ideas.

Update 7/3: Added cocos2d-x